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New Plans with Advertising on Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video logo

Starting from January 29, 2024, in the United States and from February 5 in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany, Amazon Prime Video will introduce commercial ads on its platform. For those who prefer to watch content without advertising, the platform will offer a new plan with an additional cost of USD $2.99 per month in the United States. It is anticipated that this option will be extended to other countries in the coming months.

Throughout 2023, significant changes were observed in the subscription plans of streaming services globally. Platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Filmbox+ introduced new plans with ads worldwide. Additionally, in the United States, this trend was widely adopted, with platforms like AMC+ and Bet+ introducing their own ad-supported plans, joining Max, Paramount+, Peacock, and Hulu, which already had their subscription plans with ads.

This strategy benefits platforms by attracting a broader and more diverse audience while generating additional revenue. Furthermore, it enables the streaming services to be accessible to users who might not otherwise afford a standard subscription. However, it’s important to note that the intrusiveness of advertising can negatively impact the user experience.  

T-Mobile Partners with Hulu and Offers One Year of Free Subscription

Starting from January 24 in the United States, T-Mobile, the mobile phone operator, teamed up with Hulu, the streaming platform owned by The Walt Disney Company, to provide customers with T-Mobile Go5G Next plans a complimentary 12-month subscription to the Hulu plan with ads. After this period, users will be required to pay USD $7.99, the standard cost of the subscription to this platform.

This plan not only includes various benefits for the mobile device but also offers a free subscription to Apple TV+ and Netflix Standard with ads. Previously, the standard Netflix plan was offered, but it was changed to the ad-supported plan. The Go5G Next allows users to save USD $24.97 compared to having separate subscriptions.

In addition to these advantages, T-Mobile also offers certain customers the option to enjoy Vix Premium for free for one year and the opportunity to subscribe to Paramount+ directly through the company’s bill.

T Mobile and Hulu logos

Increase in Disney+ and Star+ Prices in Argentina

Disney+ and Star+ logos

In Argentina, on Friday, January 19, a significant increase in the prices of plans for The Walt Disney Company platforms, specifically Disney+ and Star+, was observed, with increments of up to 150%. This price hike marks the first change since late April 2023 and is primarily attributed to the rising inflation and increasing operating costs.

It’s important to note that this might be the last increase before the integration expected in Latin America. Starting from the second quarter of 2024, all Star+ content will merge with Disney+, with the purpose of providing subscribers in the region with a complete streaming experience in a single application. This union represents a significant shift in the entertainment offering in Latin America and marks the conclusion of a cycle of just 2 and a half years since the launch of Star+ in Latin America in August 2021.

Prices variations on Disney+ and Star+

Google Play Movies & TV to be Shut Down Worldwide

Starting January 17, Google Play  Movies & TV has ceased to be available worldwide. This streaming platform operated under a transactional business model, allowing users to purchase and rent movies.

The discontinuation was due to various reasons. Firstly, accessing the content required downloading and using an additional application, creating an inconvenient experience for users. Additionally, the same content could be obtained through Google TV or directly from YouTube, both platforms owned by Alphabet Inc. The existence of multiple ways to access the same content was deemed unnecessary and complicated usability.

Google Play Movies & TV logo

Amazon Prime Video and beIN SPORTS Join Forces to Offer Sports Content in Australia

beIN Sports and Prime Video logos

In mid-January, Amazon Prime Video launched a new additional plan in Australia in collaboration with beIN SPORTS, the sports operator based in Qatar. In Australia, the available plans on Prime Video include Paramount+, Mubi, Acorn TV, Amc+, Hayu, and Shudder, among others.

This new agreement with one of the main streaming platforms in the region allows beIN SPORTS to offer an additional subscription for AUD $14.99, with a seven-day free trial. This launch marks a milestone by making beIN Sports the first sports channel to be part of Amazon Prime Video in the country and is also the first additional plan for beIN SPORTS worldwide. The collaboration is expected to expand to other countries in the region in the coming months.

The inclusion of beIN SPORTS in Prime Video responds to the growing trend of incorporating sports content into streaming platforms. It provides Prime Video subscribers with access to quality sports content and gives beIN SPORTS the opportunity to reach a broader audience through a leading streaming platform in the region. Additionally, subscribers have the convenience of adding the catalogs of these platforms to their Prime Video bill without the need to download additional applications.

New Hulu Plan with Paramount+ and Showtime in the USA

Starting on January 11, the American platform Hulu introduced a new plan called “Paramount+ with Showtime,” which can be added to the monthly subscription. Previously, users had the option to add only Showtime content to their Hulu subscription for USD $10.99. However, with the new “Paramount+ with Showtime” plan, for just USD $11.99, users gain access to a wide variety of additional content, including popular series like “Halo,” “Yellowjackets,” “Billions,” and “Star Trek: Discovery.”

This commercial agreement between The Walt Disney Company and Paramount Global offers users the opportunity to access content from both OTTs from a single place. In this way, those who only had a Hulu subscription can now explore the content of the other OTT, benefiting Paramount+ by encouraging the growth of new subscriptions.

Special Offers from ESPN+ and UFC 297 for New Subscribers in the United States 

UFC and ESPN+ logos

During the second week of January, ESPN+ launched new offers allowing users to access ESPN+ along with the Pay Per View package (including UFC 297, the mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship) at a promotional price of USD $90.98 per month or USD $134.98 per year. This represents a savings of USD $10 per month and a 30% discount on the annual subscription. It is important to note that the offer is exclusively targeted at new subscribers and had a deadline of January 15. It is relevant to mention that ESPN+ is the sole provider of UFC events in the United States and is not available for purchase through other cable providers.

This type of partnership between a sports event and a streaming platform can be very beneficial for both parties. An example is the collaboration between Apple TV+ and MLS, where the OTT gained many more subscribers, and the soccer league in Canada and the United States increased its popularity. This sets an important precedent for OTTs to respond to the growing demand for sports content from users in these regions and strengthens their position in the market.

Strategic Alliance between Disney+ and Spectrum TV 

On January 4th, a new partnership was identified between The Walt Disney Company’s OTT and Spectrum TV Stream, an American internet television service owned by Charter Communications. As part of this collaboration, Spectrum TV customers now have free access to the basic Disney+ plan with ads. It is important to note that Spectrum TV has already formed alliances with other platforms such as Max, Starz, and Paramount+.

This union between cable services and OTTs aims to strengthen both companies and attract new audiences. Over the years, cable television and streaming have been perceived as competitors, but market conditions are leading these companies to come closer. In the United States, Disney+ has forged similar alliances with various companies, mostly in the telecommunications sector, such as Verizon, Xfinity, Cox Communications, and also with financial entities like American Express. This reflects a collaborative strategy that seeks to expand the reach and availability of its content in an increasingly diverse and competitive market.

Disney+ and Spectrum logo

Globoplay in Brazil: Strategic Alliances with Telecommunication Operators

Oi, one of the main fixed and mobile phone operators in Brazil, recently discontinued its own streaming service, Oiplay. However, the company announced new strategic alliances with Globoplay, Grupo Globo’s OTT, offering users the possibility to acquire plans with internet services, telephony, and access to the platform in a single package.

Globoplay has established similar commercial partnerships with other telecommunications companies, such as Alares and Cabo Telecom, by incorporating access to the platform into their service plans. This further consolidates Globoplay’s position, the Brazilian-origin streaming platform, as a leader in partnerships in the country’s market.

These business agreements aim to create an environment where both companies and users gain significant benefits. Companies benefit in terms of reach and diversification, while users enjoy more convenient and valuable options in their entertainment and telecommunications services.

New Offers from Vix Premium in the USA 

Earlier this month, the TelevisaUnivision streaming platform Vix Premium, available in the United States since the second half of 2022, launched new promotions for both its monthly and annual plans. The regular monthly plan, which is usually priced at USD $6.99, is now being offered at a promotional price of USD $4.99 for the first 6 months. As for the annual plan, the regular price is USD $59.99, but they are currently providing a 40% discount for the first year of subscription. It’s worth noting that there was a previous promotion offering a 52% discount. These strategic decisions by Vix Premium reflect their focus on promoting the annual plan through constant offers to attract new audiences. This way, they hope users will explore the content, navigate the platform, and choose to renew their subscriptions in the future.

Vix Premium’s offer includes the ability to watch ad-free content on up to 3 devices. Their catalog spans from popular Mexican soap operas from Univisión to sports events like the UEFA Champions League and Liga MX. Additionally, the ViX+ library offers original series such as “Mujeres Asesinas,” “La Mujer del Diablo,” “María Felix, La Doña,” and “Mi Vecino El Cartel,” as well as original movies like “Mirreyes contra Godinez 2” and “Enfermo Amor.”

Vix premium logo

DISH Mexico and DAZN: A New Alliance for NFL Game Pass

DAZN and DISH logo

In early January, the Prices, Plans and Bundles team uncovered a new partnership between the Mexican cable television company DISH and the sports platform DAZN for the “NFL Game Pass” plan, providing access to American football games. All of this is offered at the attractive price of just MXN $399. The strategy of consolidating streaming services within telecommunications packages directly responds to the growing consumer demand for a variety of content in one place.

It’s worth noting that DISH is one of the first telecommunications companies in Mexico to establish a commercial alliance with DAZN, and this is not their only collaboration. DISH has also entered into commercial agreements with other renowned platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix, and Paramount+. These collaborations strengthen their position among the leading companies in the country and demonstrate their commitment to offering Mexican consumers a wide range of entertainment options.

Price Increase by DGO in Argentina

In early January, DGO increased its service prices by approximately 25% in Argentina. This adjustment is linked to inflation and the rise in overall operating costs. It’s worth mentioning that the last time DGO raised its fees was in October of last year.

The streaming platform offers a wide variety of entertainment options, including thousands of series and movies available for on-demand viewing, as well as the ability to access live channels. Additionally, it allows simultaneous streaming on up to two devices. It’s important to note that the “starter” plans include the Combo+ plan as part of their offering.

Since December, the OTT has introduced a FAST channel, allowing users to access the cameras of Gran Hermano Argentina and enjoy it for free. In this way, it aims to enhance the user experience on the platform.

DGO logo

The Power of Convergence: Carrefour and Netflix

Netflix and Carrefour logo

Carrefour, the global French multinational distribution chain, presents an enticing offer for its customers in this country: a subscription to Carrefour+ for only EUR $5.99. By joining this program, customers enjoy various benefits, such as discounts of up to 10% on more than 7,000 products, free shipping on purchases over EUR $60, and access to the standard Netflix subscription with ads. This joint proposal is attractive to customers, as the OTT plan has the same value as the Carrefour+ subscription. While Carrefour promotes its own benefits program, Netflix benefits by attracting new customers who may be tempted to acquire the subscription to enjoy its content.

Additionally, Carrefour offers the option to subscribe to Netflix without ads at additional prices: the standard subscription for EUR $7.50 and the premium level for EUR $14. These offers allow users to enjoy content on two screens simultaneously in 1080p quality, as well as the ability to download content for offline viewing. The premium level provides even more advantages, with access on up to four screens and high-quality content in 4K.

In the United States, we can find another example of a premium subscription offered by a supermarket chain that provides benefits related to streaming platforms. This is the case with Walmart+, which offers advantages to its users on platforms like Paramount+ and Pluto TV. Commercial agreements between supermarkets and content streaming services have currently been established in these two countries but could set an important precedent.

If we examine the situation, there is no more common experience than going to the supermarket. Isn’t it evident that this environment is an exceptional place for the promotion of streaming platforms? On the other hand, an equally common experience is arriving home after a long workday, opening the preferred streaming platform, and enjoying a series or movie. The interesting thing is that the same user frequents these two specific environments: the supermarket and the home. Therefore, this alliance between supermarkets and streaming platforms seems carefully planned and directed at a well-studied target. With this perspective, it is only a matter of time before other supermarket chains in different parts of the world conduct similar research and reach the same conclusion, partnering with various streaming platforms, both internationally and locally.

Paramount+ Establishes Partnership with Gyms in Germany and Austria

The Paramount+ streaming platform is strengthening its presence in the European market by expanding its commercial partnerships in Germany and Austria. One of the most recent alliances has been formed with the RSG group, owner of well-known gyms such as McFit, Gold’s Gym, and John Reed in that region. This announcement revealed that members of these gym chains will be able to enjoy a free one-year subscription to Paramount+ at no additional cost.

This agreement marks a milestone in Europe, as it is the first alliance between a gym and a streaming platform registered in the region. Although similar partnerships already exist in other parts of the world, such as Argentina, the collaboration in Germany and Austria could set an important precedent, combining two very popular activities today that may share the same audience.

So far, Paramount+ had only established collaborations with telecommunications companies, making this decision its first alliance with a company of a different style. Diversifying its partnerships shows Paramount+’s commitment to providing additional value to its users and reaching new audiences through strategic partnerships.

Paramount logo

MUBI Worldwide Price Increase

Mubi logo

During the last month of 2023 and continuing into the current month, the Mubi streaming platform, known for offering films from ambitious or emerging filmmakers, has gradually increased subscription prices worldwide. The increases vary by country, but in some cases, they reached up to 25%.

The decision can be attributed to various reasons, such as the growing costs of content acquisition, investments in technological improvements, expanding the platform internationally, seeking exclusivity in its catalog, competitive alignment in the market, and the pursuit of greater profitability. However, it is important to note that this should be approached with caution, as it may impact subscriber retention and the perceived value that users assign to the service.

Note: The prices listed in this message are those reported by the streaming platforms.


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