Event Tracker is a comprehensive dashboard powered by BB Media that includes data on media conferences, festivals and marketplaces. This cutting-edge tool revolutionizes your ability to stay informed about industry events, all thanks to our interactive map and calendar features. Whether you’re counting the numerous events set for 2023, planning your annual schedule, or preparing your event budget in advance, Event Tracker is your go-to resource.

Our Exclusive Features:

In-Depth Event Insights

Delve into the intricate details of each event, including its venue, date, attendee count, ticket prices, official website, and social media links. Experience a complete overview that helps you make informed choices.

Sponsorship Intelligence

Uncover the companies backing each event and their sponsorship category. Gain insights into sponsorship costs for specific categories, empowering you to align your branding and marketing strategies effectively.

Exhibitor Exploration

Identify participating companies that serve as exhibitors. Determine their business type and access their websites, enabling you to foster potential collaborations or partnerships.

Speaker Recognition

Familiarize yourself with event speakers, their full names, affiliated companies, positions, and the specific event where they’re presenting. Dive into their presentation topics and utilize keyword searches to pinpoint presentation titles.

Comprehensive Filters

Utilize filtering options to grasp the extent of sponsorships, exhibitors, and conference offerings associated with each event. Streamline your search to find events that align perfectly with your goals.


The genesis of this project stems from the necessity to offer an extensive and finely detailed view of media and entertainment industry events. The aim is to facilitate strategic decision-making processes, guiding companies and executives toward the most suitable events for their participation.

In addition to these features, Event Tracker also provides two prime banner spaces. These spaces offer companies a unique platform to showcase their own events, expanding their reach and increasing their event’s visibility on a global scale.

Event Tracker stands as an indispensable asset for staying abreast of media events. Brought to you by BB Media, this platform equips you with the tools to track events efficiently, plan your engagement throughout the year, and proactively manage your event-related finances. With our user-friendly interface and wealth of information, you’ll be better equipped than ever to navigate the dynamic landscape of media and entertainment events.



Would you be interested in having your event’s banner showcased on the homepage of Event Tracker? Do you have any inquiries regarding Event Tracker? Get in touch with us: event-tracker@bb.vision

Event Tracker | Media events database


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