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The launch of Max

On May 23rd, Max was launched in the United States, which includes the content from HBO Max and Discovery+. The streaming platform Discovery+ remains available, although the offer for students and military members has been deactivated.

The plans it offers are:

Updates from Paramount+ in the United States

On June 27th, Showtime will complete its migration to Paramount+, joining forces to offer a broader and more diverse streaming experience and attract new users. As part of this process, Showtime’s annual plan was discontinued on May 18th.

Starting from May 25th, Paramount+ has launched a new offer: a 50% discount on its bundled plan with Showtime, priced at USD 5.99 per month for the first three months. Additionally, military members can get a lifelong 25% discount on any OTT plan.

In conclusion, Paramount+ is experiencing constant growth and gaining ground in the streaming platform market by not only offering new original content but also new deals and commercial agreements to attract new subscribers.

A clear example of Paramount+’s growth in the market can be seen through the alliance offered by Verizon. Starting from June 2nd, subscribers who opt for the “+Play” package will gain access to Paramount+ with Showtime and Netflix Premium for a monthly fee of USD 25.99. Netflix Premium costs USD 19.99, and Paramount+ with Showtime is priced at USD 11.99, meaning users can save 19% if they choose this bundle. 

New annual plans for Viaplay in the USA and Canada

The Nordic platform continues its expansion in America by offering a new annual plan in the United States and Canada. Starting from May 18th, users in the United States can subscribe to an annual plan for USD 49.99, while in Canada, the annual plan will be available for CA 59,99 (USD 45,08). These prices represent a significant savings of approximately 30% compared to the monthly subscription.

Special offer from Hulu for Streaming Day

Hulu offered its subscribers the opportunity to enjoy their first three months at a reduced price of just USD 2 per month. This special offer was available for one week, from May 20th to Friday, May 27th.

Discover the new partnership between AMC Theatres On Demand and Vudu

In the month of June, AMC Theatres On Demand has partnered with Vudu. From now on, Vudu becomes exclusive for online movie rentals and purchases. This means that users will now have access to a wider library, with thousands of titles available for free and in 4K UHD quality, among other options.

New account sharing policy on Netflix

Starting on Tuesday, May 23rd, Netflix has begun sending emails to its users to notify them about their new account sharing policy. According to this new policy, if you share your account with someone who doesn’t live in the same household, an additional monthly charge will be applied. The cost varies between USD 1.97 in Colombia and USD 7.99 in the United States.

Under this policy, the additional member will have their own profile, account, and password, but the cost of the membership will be covered by the person who invited them to join. Additional members will be able to enjoy Netflix content on any device but can only stream on one device at a time. They will also be able to download titles, but only on one phone or tablet at a time. It’s important to note that additional members cannot create additional profiles and must activate their account in the same country associated with the main account holder.

The additional membership option was already available in Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, New Zealand, Peru, and Portugal, and it has now been expanded to Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

ViX Premium has been added to The Roku Channel

On May 25th, the streaming platform added ViX Premium to its catalog. Users can subscribe for a monthly fee of USD 6.99 or an annual fee of USD 59.99. Roku users can also add subscriptions to over 60 streaming services, including Paramount+, Showtime, STARZ, Discovery+, AMC+, and more. 

New exclusive offer on ViX Premium

Since May 29th, the Spanish-speaking platform has launched an exclusive promotion for their subscribers in the United States and Mexico. For only USD 39.99 (approximately 30% off) in the United States and MXN 399 (approximately 60% off) in Mexico, users can enjoy a full year of content.

Cinépolis Klic closes in Mexico

Starting from May 31st, the Mexican streaming platform owned by Cinépolis will no longer be available. During this period, the platform’s catalog has experienced a progressive decrease since the beginning of the year. For nearly 10 years, it has offered free, rental, purchase, and on-demand content, including catalogs from HBO, Fox Sports, Paramount+, Claro Sports, Noggin, and Baby First.

Update on Mercado Libre’s offerings in Latin America

The leading e-commerce company in Latin America has made a modification to its offering on two booming platforms in the region, HBO Max y Paramount+: the discount percentage has been reduced from 50% to 30% up to level 6 in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

Note: The prices listed in this message are those reported by the streaming platforms.


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