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Viaplay expands with the addition to Roku devices

The Scandinavian platform Viaplay, which launched in February of this year in the United States and Canada, continues to expand. As of April 20, the service is now available on Roku devices in the US, Canada, and the UK. This commercial partnership makes it easier for future users to access the Nordic streaming service. With this addition, Roku adds another OTT to its extensive list of streaming platforms (Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount+, Apple TV+, among others). Additionally, Roku offers 3 months of free Paramount+ (Essentials or Premium) to anyone who purchases and activates a new Roku streaming player, Roku TV, or Roku smart soundbar between May 1, 2023, and July 2, 2023.

Updates for Globoplay subscribers


FlaTV and Globoplay have joined forces in a new alliance that offers access to both platforms through select Globoplay subscription plans. Additionally, plans that include access to Disney+ and Star+ have been added to the Globoplay streaming platform.

Boom of TELCOS launching streaming platforms

Several telecommunications companies are leaving their partnerships with existing OTTs to create their own streaming services. In doing so, these companies aim to provide their Pay TV subscribers with more content and advanced TV functionalities (such as on-demand viewing), aligning with the offerings of major global operators. This trend is gaining momentum in Latin America. On May 4, the Argentine telecommunications company CTC announced the availability of its new platform called CTC+. A week later, the Associação Neo in Brazil,made up of TV operators and internet service providers, announced Neo+, their new SVOD service. Among the companies that have made this decision and successfully established their services are Claro with its OTT Claro Video in Latin America (Telmex in Mexico), DIRECTV and its OTT DGO available in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador, and the Mexican company Dish, which has been offering its OTT Mvshub since last year.

Price increases in Disney+ and Star+ in Latin America

On April 26, price increases were announced for Disney+, Star+, and their Combo+ and Combo+ with Lionsgate+ plans in several Latin American countries. The increase ranges from 8% in countries like Colombia to 50% in the monthly Disney+ plan in Costa Rica. After this change, the subscription price of Disney+ became higher than that of HBO Max. However, the Disney+ subscription is still cheaper than the Netflix Standard plan. As for Star+, this platform maintains its position as one of the higher-priced OTTs in the market. On the other hand, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+ remain as the more affordable options for users.

Rebranding of ViX in Latin America


In late April, TelevisaUnivision announced that its platform Vix+ will undergo a name change and will be simply called “Vix” in both its free and paid versions. This change is already available in Latin American countries, making it easier to identify and access the content.


Updates from Amazon Prime Video in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada

On April 27, our team of experts detected new annual plans for various channels in these regions. In Brazil and Mexico, users can now subscribe annually to channels like Paramount+, Lionsgate+, ViX, Looke, Adrenalina Pura, Stingray, among others. Additionally, in Canada, subscribers now have access to annual plans for services such as Paramount+, Starz, Hayu, Britbox, AMC+, Acorntv, OutTV, and other channels. This provides Amazon Prime Video users with the option to save money by subscribing annually to these entertainment channels. Moreover, it’s a convenient way to have constant access to their favorite shows and series without worrying about monthly subscription renewal.

New add-on plans in DIRECTV Stream in the United States

Starting on April 20, AMC+ (USD 7.99) or Discovery+ (USD 4.99) can be added to the DIRECTV Stream plan with a USD 2 discount on the monthly subscription. Users can also add ALLBLK for USD 5.99 and Fox Nation at the same price with a two-month free trial.

Walmart+ extends Paramount+ agreement and offers ad-free Pluto TV

Walmart+ is the exclusive subscription service of the multinational supermarket corporation Walmart. In 2022, it formed a commercial alliance with Paramount+ to offer free ad-supported subscriptions to its users. Similar to Amazon’s service with Prime Video in its bundles, Walmart+ has extended its agreement with Paramount+ in early May. Now, Walmart+ users can enjoy a selection of ad-free Pluto TV content for a monthly fee of USD 12.95.

Netflix enhances its ad-supported plan

Netflix has decided to enhance the features of its ad-supported plan while maintaining the price. The new plan with Ads offers the advantage of streaming content on two devices simultaneously in Full HD quality. However, the restriction of not being able to download content remains. Starting from April 25, the new plan is available in Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and the United States.

New offer from MUBI


Starting on May 5, MUBI is offering a special promotion that provides a 75% discount for 4 months for those who subscribed before May 14. This offer is available in all countries.

New Telmex plans with Disney+ and Netflix with ads

In early May, the Mexican company added Disney+ to its list of OTTs that can be included in its internet and telephone plans. Now, along with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, Star+, and F1 TV, it is possible to enjoy both the monthly subscription at USD 179 and the annual subscription at USD 1,340 directly through Telmex’s service. Additionally, Telmex has also updated its alliances with Netflix: previously, the alliances were available with Netflix’s Standard plan, but now they are available with the Standard plan with Ads.

New partnership between Mercado Libre and Lionsgate+

Mercado Libre, the leading e-commerce company in Latin America, continues to expand its service offering, this time adding a new streaming platform to its catalog. This month, the company partnered with Lionsgate+ in Brazil, offering exclusive discounts to its subscribers. Subscribers in levels 1 to 5 get a 15% discount on the monthly plan, while level 6 subscribers enjoy a 30% discount. The monthly subscription price is BRL 14.90. Lionsgate+ joins an increasingly large list of streaming platforms that have commercial agreements with Mercado Libre in Latin America, including Star+, Disney+, HBO Max, and Paramount+. The platform also has plans to expand to other countries in the region in the future.

Note: The prices listed in this message are those reported by the streaming platforms.


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