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How much did MGM+ increase in the US?

MGM's logo with a UCAN sticker

In early February, Amazon Inc.’s streaming platform, MGM+, experienced a price increase in the United States. The monthly plan rose from USD $5.99 to USD $6.99, while the annual plan increased from USD $49.99 to USD $58.99, representing an approximately 17% increase. This price adjustment is significant as it hadn’t occurred since Epix rebranded to MGM+ in January 2023. MGM+ offers a 7-day free trial for new users interested in exploring its content, including titles like “Top Gun: Maverick,” “No Time to Die,” “Creed 3,” and “House of Gucci.”

It’s essential to note that MGM+ is not only available independently but also offers its content through popular platforms like Amazon Prime Video, The Roku Channel, DirecTV Stream, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV, providing users with various options to access its exclusive content.

Viaplay exits the US

On February 29, Viaplay bid farewell to the US. Despite being launched in the country just a year ago, in February 2023, the Nordic content platform has decided to cease its direct operations in this region. However, followers of the Viaplay catalog can still enjoy its content through other commercial partners, including well-known platforms like Xumo, Xfinity, and The Roku Channel.

Viaplay logo with a UCAN Sticker

New offers from FUBO TV in the US

FUBO TV logo with a UCAN sticker

In the US, the Fubo TV platform has relaunched a new offer that provides users with a USD $20 discount on each plan for the first 2 months. Normally, the platform offers a 7-day free trial period. Fubo TV, launched in 2015, specializes in streaming regional sports and live sports channels. Depending on the location, Fubo TV channels may include access to a variety of sports, such as the English Premier League (EPL), the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Soccer (MLS), Canadian Premier League (CPL), and international football, in addition to a wide selection of news, series, and movies.

What are the new business models added to the platforms this month?

Plex in the US

Although Plex has a global presence with the Advertising VOD model, the platform has implemented a new Transactional business model solely in the US. This model allows users to rent specific content directly from the streaming platform, such as Barbie, Wonka, and other movies. It may expand to other countries in the future, providing users with greater flexibility and a more personalized experience on the platform.

Plex logo with a UCAN sticker

RTVE transitions to RTVE Play+ and includes SVOD plans in Spain

The Spanish television streaming service, previously based on the Advertising VOD business model, has added new Subscription VOD plans through RTVE Play+. The new plans include a monthly option for €5.99 and an annual option for €49.99, allowing users to access premium content. This expansion of services offers users the opportunity to enjoy high-quality content without interruptions, enhancing the viewing experience.

RTVE+ with a sticker of EMEA

How much did Amazon Prime Video increase in Europe and Asia?

Amazon Prime Video's logo with stickers of EMEA and APAC

In early February, an increase in Amazon Prime Video prices was observed in several countries in Europe and Asia, where the previous fee of €5.99 has been adjusted to €6.99. This tariff modification affects nations such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, North Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, and Serbia. This increase covers various regions, reflecting a widespread update in the subscription costs of Amazon Prime Video in these areas.

How much does Disney+ cost in Turkey?

During the second week of February, there was a significant increase in Disney+ subscription prices, surpassing 100%. The monthly subscription plan rose from TRY $64.99 (USD $2.11) to TRY $134.99 (USD $4.39), and the annual plan increased from TRY $649.90 (USD $21.14) to TRY $1,349.90 (USD $43.94). It’s important to note that the platform had not updated its prices in over a year. This adjustment occurred shortly after an increase in the value of Netflix in late January in the same country, indicating a trend in the streaming platform market in the country towards a review of their pricing structures.

Disney+ logo with a sticker of APAC

AcornTV exits Latin America and some European countries

Acorn TV logo with a sticker of EMEA and LATAM

On February 6, it marked the end of an era for British entertainment lovers in Latin America, as the popular streaming platform AcornTV, known for its extensive catalog of British classics and favorites, ceased to be available in the region. Since 2018, AcornTV had been the go-to destination for viewers avid for titles like “Doc Martin,” “A Place to Call Home,” “Murdoch Mysteries,” “The Brokenwood Mysteries,” “Midsomer Murders,” and “Foyle’s War,” among others. Its departure leaves a gap in the quality British content offering in Latin America.

Additionally, it’s crucial to mention that AcornTV also discontinued its service in Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, meaning viewers in these regions also experienced the loss of access to this British content.

Netflix, Apple TV+, and Paramount+ increases their prices in Chile

In early February, Netflix in Chile increased its prices by approximately 10%. This marked the first adjustment since 2020. The new prices are as follows: the Basic plan rose to CLP $6,590 (USD $7) from CLP $5,940, the Standard plan to CLP $9,190 (USD $9.56) from CLP $8,320, the Premium plan to CLP $11,790 (USD $12.26) from CLP $10,700, and the Extra Member plan to CLP $2,620 (USD $2.73) from CLP $2,380. Notable content includes “Griselda,” “El Turista,” “La sociedad de la nieve,” and “Maestro,” among others.

In the Chilean context, Netflix remains one of the most valuable platforms, only surpassed by Star+, The Walt Disney Company’s platform. Shortly after, there was also an increase in the monthly subscription for Apple TV+, rising from CLP $3,500 to CLP $4,990, a 42% increase since its last modification in 2020. Featured content on Apple TV+ includes “Severance,” “Silo,” the documentary “Messi llega a Estados Unidos,” and “The Morning Show,” among others.

In the last weeks of February, a price increase was detected on the Paramount+ platform in Chile. The monthly plan increased from CLP $3,199 (USD $3.27) to CLP $4,299 (USD $4.36), while the annual plan, which previously cost CLP $31,900 (USD $32.57), now costs CLP $38,490 (USD $39.05). The platform offers a 7-day free trial and features original content such as “Yellowstone,” “Operativo Lioness,” “HALO,” and “Tulsa King.”

Netflix, Paramount+ and Apple TV logos with a sticker of LATAM

What are the new plans for DGO in Argentina?

DirecTV Go logo with a sticker of LATAM

The Directv platform, DGO, has launched new, more accessible plans for its customers in Argentina. These include the Basic Plan for AR $6,199 per month and the Full Plan for AR $9,099 per month. Additionally, they maintain existing plans, such as the Basic Combo+ Plan and the Full Combo+ Plan, offering DGO content and channels plus subscriptions to both The Walt Disney Company’s OTTs in their packages. With these options, DGO aims to provide customers with a variety of plans that suit their needs and budgets while continuing to offer a wide range of family entertainment content.

How are the new plans for Max in Latin America?

On February 27, HBO Max transitioned to Max in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that already had this platform. For new users, three plans with different features are presented to suit their preferences. The Basic Plan with Ads allows limited ad viewing on two simultaneous devices and offers Full HD resolution. The Standard Plan enables content viewing on two devices simultaneously in Full HD and allows downloading up to 30 contents for offline viewing. Finally, the Platinum Plan provides the option to view on four simultaneous devices in 4K Ultra HD resolution with Dolby Atmos audio, along with the ability to download up to 100 contents for offline enjoyment. These alternatives offer flexibility for users to choose the experience that best suits their needs and viewing preferences.

Max logo with a sticker of LATAM

How much does Paramount+ cost in Colombia?

Paramount+ logo with a LATAM sticker

By the end of February, the team detected a price increase in Paramount+ plans in Colombia. The monthly plan increased from COP $13,900 (USD $3.54) to COP $19,900 (USD $4.83), while the annual plan that previously cost COP $139,900 (USD $35.61) now costs COP $178,900 (USD $45.48). This is the first increase for the Paramount+ OTT in Colombia since the creation of the plans. Both plans come with a 7-day free trial.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Universal+ through Amazon Prime Video in LATAM?

Starting February 15, Amazon Prime users in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico can access the premium service Universal+ through the additional channels of Prime Video. This addition is due to the collaboration between Amazon Inc. and NBC Universal International Networks. It’s worth mentioning that these plans compete with the DGO platform, which offers access to Universal+ through an additional plan at the same subscription price. Universal+ offers a wide selection of American series and movies, including titles like “Ted” and “Poker Face.” This partnership strengthens the streaming entertainment offering in Latin America, providing users with more options to enjoy their favorite content.


What are the subscription prices for Universal+?

  • In Colombia: COP $24,900
  • In Chile: CLP $7,490
  • In Mexico: MXN $149

This premium service not only offers on-demand content but also five linear channels: Universal Premiere, Universal Cinema, Universal Reality, Universal Crime, and Universal Comedy. Additionally, users can access Universal+ through the TV Everywhere business model, allowing subscription through TV providers. The launch of Universal+ in Latin America marks a significant milestone in the region and reflects growth for both the Universal+ platform and Amazon Prime Video. For those subscribing to Universal+, a 7-day free trial is offered, allowing users to explore the content and evaluate the service before committing to a full subscription.

Universal and Amazon Prime Video logos with the sticker of LATAM


    What is MUBI’s offer this month?

    MUBI logo with a Global sticker

    On February 2, MUBI reintroduced an attractive subscription offer with a promotional price for a period of 3 months. This offer, allowing users to enjoy the platform with a discount of over 90%, has proven to be popular. Not only does it attract new subscribers, but it also fosters loyalty among those who value the unique cinematic experience the platform provides. In this way, MUBI stands out as one of the most accessible options globally.

    Note: The prices listed in this message are those reported by the streaming platforms.


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