BB Media Launches New Service Event Tracker

Boost your success. Plan your year. Get M+E event insights!

Event Tracker is a comprehensive dashboard powered by BB Media, that provides global data on media conferences, festivals, and marketplaces. It covers +280 events just in 2023, across +50 countries and 8 regions. This cutting-edge tool revolutionizes the ability to stay informed about industry events, plan the company’s annual schedule, and prepare its event budget in advance. 

The genesis of this project arises from the necessity to offer an extensive and detailed view of media and entertainment industry events. The aim is to facilitate strategic decision-making processes, guiding event organizers, executives looking to sell or buy content, potential sponsors and exhibitors, marketing teams, and anyone eager to participate in this kind of events. 

Some of the free features included in this innovative tool are the ability to track industry events through an interactive map and calendar. Additionally, users can explore event details such as venue, date, attendees, tickets, website, social links, and news, providing an informed overview to make better choices. 

Starting November, anyone will be able to use Event Tracker’s free dashboards by going to the official website. To have your event or webinar’s banner showcased on the homepage, get in touch with: [email protected]. 

Some of the companies that already believe in Event Tracker are DEG, DEGI & BASE, MESA, OTT.X and PRODU, with more to come. 

Federico Eberhardt, Account Manager & Event Tracker Product Owner at BB Media, comments on the premium features: ‘Imagine building a powerful network of key contacts effortlessly using our comprehensive speakers’ sheet. Plan and budget your business trips for the upcoming year. Stay ahead of the curve by knowing the dates of the most captivating events, offering you a chance to forge meaningful connections and engage with attending companies. But that’s not all – Event Tracker is committed to innovation, constantly adding new features to elevate your industry events experience’.


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BB Media has offices in USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and the Netherlands.