First Ever Online Audience Measurement Service in LATAM

Learn more about audience measurement data from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max with SoDA LATAM by BB Media & Digital i

How many real streams does an episode have? What kind of scope does a content have? At what key moments do audience peaks occur? What are the most viewed genres and how do they evolve over time? What percentage of audiences share a specific content with others? 

BB Media & Digital i present SoDA LATAM, an online content audience measurement service. Through Streaming on Demand Analytics (SoDA) analyzing content viewing from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video users can be attainable. 

With SoDA LATAM by BB Media & Digital i it is possible to detect, for example, that the original Netflix series “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” had audience peaks on September 25 in Argentina and Brazil, four days after its premiere on the streaming platform. And the cases of Colombia and Mexico, where the series showed more streams on 29 and 30 of the same month respectively, are even more striking. This data allows us to recognize that most of the users did not watch this title on the first day that it was available, which happened on a Wednesday, but had more views on Sunday, and on Thursday and Friday of the week after its premiere.

Source: SoDA LATAM by BB Media & Digital i. Daily evolution streams of all episodes 

Audiences are measured from a passive data collection. Covering Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, 5,000 accounts are measured quarterly, the equivalent to approximately 15,000 active profiles. Visualization data is gathered through Digital i’s proprietary software and enriched with the metadata of each title monitored by BB Media. In addition, household composition of measured accounts is reviewed through online surveys. 

Results are accessible through a cutting-edge, easy-to-use online platform powered by Looker. The data contains the display of all profiles and devices used to access the account. In the case of Netflix, audience history has been available since 2019 for all territories, while for Amazon Prime Video data is available from 2020 for Brazil and Mexico; and 2021 for Argentina and Colombia. 

Source: SoDA LATAM by BB Media & Digital i. Monthly evolution of Streams expressed in thousands 

Taking the example of “The Lord of the Rings” and tracing its evolution through time in Brazil and Mexico, it was found that amid the launch of “The Rings of Power” there was an increase in the visualization of the original movie trilogy. In 2021, reached a peak of 23k streams in June, while in August 2022 it reached 582k and increased to 912k in September 2022. In addition, SoDA can analyze the amount of time audiences spend on a title. ” The Rings of Power” had a 75% Average Episode Viewing Rate, which increased with each episode until it reached 96%; so, at the end of the season the most engaged audience with the title had the highest percentage of watched minutes since the first viewing. Other available metrics in this new service are Range and Frequency, Viewed Minutes, % Movie/Series Viewing, Home Composition, and the creation of dynamic fields for minimum of minutes viewed and limit of days since the first viewing. 

“We begin a new stage in online audience measurement. It’s a big benefit to the industry to be able to count on the data of what users are actually seeing and how content relates to each other. It even opens the possibility of linking this consumption with the traditional audience measurements that we have already made. It is certainly a very exciting time!” 

-Tom Gennari, CEO BB Media 


“We are delighted to partner with BB Media on the next major development of SoDA. We believe that Digital i’s experience and knowledge in audience measurement and the SoDA service, combined with BB Media’s experience in the Latin American market, will achieve a high-quality solution to SVOD measurement in the region”

-Ali Vahdati, CEO Digital i  


About BB Media 

BB Media is a global Data Science company, specialized in Media and Entertainment for over 35 years.  BB Media monitors +4,000 streaming services in +190 countries and 250 regions, their prices, plans, packages and commercial offers. In addition, all film and series catalogues, including standard metadata. Streaming services, networks, programmers, cable operators, agencies, advertisers, studios, distributors, content APPs and technology companies rely on BB Media’s information and value-added analysis to make strategic decisions.    

BB Media has offices in Miami, Amsterdam, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Rome and São Paulo. 


About Digital i 

Digital i is a UK company with over 19 years of experience in TV audience measurement. In 2019, they launched Streaming on Demand Analytics (SoDA) to measure audiences on SVOD platforms. Currently covering 11 territories in Europe and 4 in Latin America, SoDA will expand in 2023 to cover SVOD consumption in more than 20 major territories, to provide a globally harmonized online audience measurement. Their emphasis is on creating technological solutions that provide new ways to understand content consumption data.