BB Media Day Brazil 2023: Strategies, local content and consumption

Discover the topics discussed in this successful conference

On Wednesday, November 1st, the first edition of BB Media Day Brazil took place at the Radisson Oscar Freire in São Paulo. The event was 100% in-person and free, and it featured the participation of various leaders in the media and entertainment industry. Companies such as Disney, Ole, Sony, Stenna, and ViX were among the attendees.

Tom Gennari, Chief Executive Officer of BB Media, kicked off the day with his presentation titled “5 Key Takeaways for 2024 to Ensure Popcorn and Monetization.” In this presentation, Gennari discussed the role of super-aggregators, Pay TV, and streaming platforms in Brazil and Latin America, the importance of FAST services and their future, subscription strategies, subscriber retention tactics, and the need for precise data for success in the entertainment industry.


Another remarkable representative of BB Media was Mercedes Mendes Garrido, the Brazil Account Manager, who presented “From RJ to CDMX: The Global Impact of Local Content.” In her presentation, she addressed the global landscape of content supply and demand, with a focus on Latin America and Brazil. Concerning the latter, she highlighted consumption preferences and compared them to the situation in Mexico, another significant Latin American market. She also raised questions about the performance of local content and emphasized the importance of communication with the audience.

The event also featured individual presentations by prominent representatives from industry companies. Luis Camargo, Media & Entertainment Business Development Lead at Google, was the first to present with “Change as Constant: The Consumer in Control.” Camargo asserted that three significant trends apply to both the global and local markets: consumer experience and expectations, more flexible business models, and increased relevance in local contexts. He also discussed the need to retain users, enable content distribution, and diversify monetization to strike a balance in the industry.

Henrique Rodrigues, Head of Market Intelligence and Data & Analytics at SBT, followed with “Content Marathon: How Brazilians Dive into Screens!” He drew a comparison between succeeding in the streaming, TV, and media industry and winning a marathon, emphasizing the need for a solid strategy, proper equipment, and experience in both. He delved into what consumers in Brazil prefer in terms of titles, content types, and genres. For Rodrigues, it’s essential to understand the viewer and deliver content in a way that caters to their needs.

Marcela Parise, Head of International Marketing and Customer Success at Globo, spoke about the current context of content exportation in her presentation titled “Challenges of International Marketing: How to Sell Local Content Worldwide.” She covered topics such as the impact of strikes and mergers among major companies. In this regard, she mentioned that the acquisition of international content is expected to increase due to the decrease in production volume and the growing interest in foreign titles.


To conclude the day, Gustavo Vilardo, Executive Director & Business Development at SKY, presented “Gaming: A New Growth Avenue for Streamers?” In his presentation, he delved into the gaming market in Brazil and worldwide, which, in Vilardo’s words, is approximately three times larger than the streaming market and is expected to continue growing. Additionally, there are platforms that are incorporating gaming into their strategies.

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