BB Media opens US office in LA

BB Media has opened its second office in The United States, located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, March 27th 2023: BB Media, Data Science and Market Research company with more than 35 years in the entertainment industry, works non-stop to continue growing globally.

With more than 7 years of experience in BB Media, Laura Ghisiglieri, Global Development & Marketing Director, will lead the business in LA. Her focus will be to develop business opportunities in the market, visiting existing US clients and developing new ones.

We are in the midst of very interesting times for our industry. I am delighted to lead the international expansion of BB Media. We already have several clients based in California and they will benefit from having us closer while we also build new relationships. I’ll be able to help them in their strategic decisions with insights of the streaming landscape as well as metadata to enrich their products. We are seeing a very exciting future ahead of us!” said Laura Ghisiglieri.

BB Media is active in 8 countries: United States (Miami and Los Angeles), Italy, The Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. The company currently monitors more than +4,500 streaming platforms in +190 countries, its prices, plans, bundles, offers, partnerships with third parties, streaming availability and consumption figures, as well as demand metrics and metadata for every title, movie and tv show in existence.

United States is the country with the most content, having 484,730 unique titles in the US streaming services; followed by United Kingdom (198,436 titles) and Korea (183,412 titles). An interesting fact about US titles is that most of them are AVOD, while UK and Korea have most of its titles under a TVOD model. This shows that US platforms are betting on monetization through advertising.

As expected, United States is also the country with the most original titles. The majority of theseModel and have great international repercussions. The majority of theseModel and have great international repercussions. Titles like “The Last of Us” (HBO MAX original), “We have a Ghost” (Netflix original) and “The Banshees of Inisherin” (HBO MAX original) are the most popular around the world nowadays.


Americans are among those who consume the most platforms a month, averaging 7.35 platforms. They spend almost 7 hours a week watching YouTube and nearly 6 hours watching Netflix. The main reason why they spend so much time watching online content is because they can watch it anytime they want, plus they watch them anywhere they want.

United States is a constantly growing market, setting the market trends. The large number of platforms offered in the country (235 streaming services) explains the fact that its citizens use so many platforms, they have variety to choose from.



BB Media is a global Data Science company, specializing in Media and Entertainment for over 35 years. BB Media monitors +4,500 streaming services in +250 countries and territories, their prices, plans, packages and commercial offers. In addition, all film and series catalogues, including standard metadata. Streaming services, networks, programmers, cable operators, agencies, advertisers, studios, distributors, content APPs and technology companies rely on BB Media’s information and value-added analysis to make strategic decisions.    

BB Media has offices in USA, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and the Netherlands.