Netflix is the streaming platform with more bundles both in Europe and Oceania

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BB Media’s service Multiscreens+ | Prices, Plans & Bundles analyses the prices, plans, commercial alliances, offers, devices and functionalities of all streaming platforms. With this new launching, clients will be gaining access to the new online dashboards with an improved user experience, thus being able to access information in a much more practical and simple way. They will be receiving special alerts for prioritized platforms, which will allow them to discover how competitors are communicating their offers and the latest industry´s strategies with a custom-made focus. 

Multiscreens+ | Prices, Plans & Bundles covers +2,400 streaming services across 148 countries, with a permanent automated monitoring. With this service, it is possible to get data on business models, prices, currencies, offers, plans, bundles, devices and more. 

When it comes to plans, 60% of the covered streaming platforms have just one business model, and 70% have more than just one plan. Moreover, +1500 have at least one Subscription VOD plan, being this one the most offered model. Free & Advertising VOD comes in second, as +800 platforms have at least one plan that is free for the users. 

Amazon Prime Video is the platform with more plans at a global level, having 105 just in the United States, plus 84 in Germany and 79 in Austria, leading by itself the TOP 3. When it comes to the plan duration, the Monthly Plans are the most offered by the streaming platform followed by the Annual Plans. Prime Video also provides Students Plans, which can be monthly or yearly.  

Regarding the additional channels that can be added to Amazon Prime Video, MGM, STARZPLAY and Noggin are the ones that are available in most countries. 

When reviewing the streaming platforms that provide more annual plans in the world, Crunchyroll stands out for offering this plan in 98 countries. Erosnow follows closely with 89, and Mubi comes in third with 63. 

Of these streaming services, it was found that over 44% have at least one active offer that can either be a weekly free trial (46%), a monthly free trial (24%) or another type of offer (30%). Interestingly, only 11.85% of the monitored platforms provide a promotional price, while just 2.34% present a percentage discount. 

The TOP 3 streaming platforms that provide more offers are Amazon Prime Video, leading the list with 728 offers, Apple TV+ with 388, and Crunchyroll with 300. Amazon Prime Video’s most predominant offer is the 7-day Free Trial, while in Apple TV+’s case is a 30-day Free Trial and a 14-day Free Trial in Crunchyroll. 

The most recurrent bundle is the commercial one (the streaming services that are included within a Pay TV operator package). Netflix is the one with the highest number of bundles both in Europe and Oceania. HBO Max takes the lead in America while Vidio is the number one in Asia and Show Max in Africa. 

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