BB Media becomes a member of DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group

The industry association recently welcomed BB Media to their membership lineup.

DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group, a leading enterprise that advocates and promotes entertainment platforms, products and distribution channels which support the movie, television, audio, consumer electronics and IT industries, extended a membership earlier this year to BB Media, an award winning media intelligence and content distribution researcher.

By becoming a member of DEG, BB Media is able to communicate the company’s perspective on key topics and establish thought leadership and networking relations. This decision allows both companies to continue with their communication and interconnection plans, which will lead to great growth within the industry.

As part of this membership, BB Media also provides insightful data on streaming platforms and the global media and entertainment market, curated information that is later shared by DEG. The Data Science company has worldwide data on content offerings on +3,820 streaming services available in +240 countries and all their standardized metadata.

“For an ever-growing company such as BB Media, networking and building new and lasting relationships with other enterprises is key”, mentioned Tom Gennari, CEO of BB Media. “We have in mind a strong business plan that will get us to expand within this industry. And so being a part of DEG means working alongside a partner that understands the importance of sharing information and resources, of creating opportunities that will move forward the industry and the market in general. Here at BB Media we believe in data and growth, and luckily for us so does DEG.”

“I’m thrilled that DEG is able to mark its quarter century with an expanding global membership of companies that are diverse in their business segments and in their geographic locations,” said Amy Jo Smith, president and CEO of DEG. “I’m particularly pleased to welcome Argentina’s BB Media, a global media and entertainment data science company, as a new member in 2022. Their work supports transactional, subscription and ad-supported businesses and helps our community navigate the OTT landscape and understand consumer behavior in territories around the world, which is key to identifying ways to improve consumer experience.”


About DEG:

Founded in 1997, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group is an industry association that advocates and promotes entertainment platforms, products and distribution channels, on behalf of motion picture, music, consumer electronics and technologies companies. DEG’s current objectives include: connecting content providers, device manufacturers, distribution platforms, retailers and service providers to help develop and drive revenue of DEG member products and services; providing leading-edge knowledge and resources about emerging trends and technologies to prepare for further industry growth; supporting and driving marketing initiatives to increase awareness and encourage adoption of emerging home entertainment formats and new distribution models; and implementing standards and best practices in the digital supply chain and finance/accounting areas to improve internal and external efficiencies for members.

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About BB Media:

BB Media is a Worldwide Award Winning Data Science Company, specialized in Media & Entertainment for over 35 years.

BB Media monitors over 3,300 streaming services across 240 countries, their prices, plans, bundles and commercial offers. Plus, all their libraries of movies and series, including normalized metadata.

Streaming services, networks, programmers, TV providers, agencies, advertisers, studios, distributors, content discovery APPs and technology companies rely on BB Media’s information and value-added analysis to make strategic decisions.

BB Media has offices in Miami, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and São Paulo.

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