BB Media expands operations in Europe

BB Media opens offices in Italy and the Netherlands to strengthen its presence in the European region.

BB Media, a data science company with more than 35 years in the entertainment industry, continues to focus on the internationalization of its services. That is why in 2022, BB Media expanded its operations in Europe, with the opening of offices in Italy and the Netherlands; in addition to those already established in USA, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador. The company currently monitors more than +4,500 streaming platforms in +250 countries and territories. 

Vicky Campolongo, BB Media European Business Development Manager, has taken up the challenge of setting up BB Media’s new European offices. Her focus will be to develop business opportunities in the region, visiting existing EU clients and developing new ones, while consolidating the company’s image in the region. Vicky graduated from UADE with a bachelor’s degree in Media & Entertainment Management and a minor degree in Music Business from the InHolland University of Applied Sciences. Before moving to Europe to start the company’s positioning in the EU, Vicky oversaw the company’s extensive Metadata teams, curating variables and attributes across over 1.5 million unique titles available worldwide.  

BB Media arrives in the region providing metadata of the streaming platforms’ offer and streaming consumption data. 

More than 1,400 streaming services are monitored in Europe. In Italy, a total of 67 streaming platforms are monitored with Sky Go leading the ranking with the most titles followed by Amazon Prime Video and iTunes. The most offered business models in this country are AVOD and SVOD, with a penetration of 60,40% the first one and 59,01% the second one. 

In the Netherlands 43 streaming services are monitored, with iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies & TV having the most content in their libraries. When analyzing the business models penetration in this country, it was found that in the Netherlands SVOD’s penetration is higher than in Italy with a percentage of 70,65. On the other hand, AVOD has a penetration of 58,61%. 

In both Italy and Netherlands, users spend more hours a week watching streaming platforms with an SVOD business model, followed by AVOD platforms, which makes sense from the supplier’s side, since more and more platforms are adding AVOD options for users to save money. 

While AVOD platforms in both countries are not the ones with the most users or titles, this model has room to grow. For instance, in the Netherlands AVOD has a daily frequency use higher than SVOD. 

“I am thrilled to be taking on the amazing challenge of starting our European Offices and keep on expanding globally with the data we provide to our clients.” said Vicky Campolongo.